2017 “Someday” (Film) Sound Mixer, Los Angeles, California

2017 “Pieces of you” (film) Sound Mixer, Tokyo, Japan

2017 “Terrace House: Aloha State” season 2 (reality) Sound Mixer, Netflix

2017 “My 600lb Life” Season 7 (reality) Sound Mixer, TLC

2017 “The Book of John” Season 1 (reality) Sound Mixer, OWN

2017 “Explorer” Season 8 (doc-reality) Sound Mixer, Natgeo

2017 “Year Million” Season 1 (reality) Sound Supervisor, Natgeo

2016 “Save Our Shelter” Season 2 (reality)Sound Supervisor, CW

2016 “Car & Guitars” sizzle (Reality) Sound Mixer, Discovery
2016 “OutDaughter” Season 2 (Reality) TLC Sound Mixer, Discovery.

2016 “My 600lb Life” Season 6 (Reality) TLC Sound Mixer, Mansfield Media, Travel

2016 “Skin Tight” Season 2 (Reality) TLC Sound Mixer Mansfield Media. Travel Show

2016 “The Human Trial” (documentary film)Sound Mixer Vox Pop Films Japan

2016 ” Where are they now” (Reality) TLC. Sound Mixer Mansfield Media. Travel show
2016 “Swept Away” (documentary film)Sound Supervisor, Thaleia films, Japan

2016 “My 600lb Life” Season 5 Sound Mixer (Reality) Mansfield Media, Travel show

2015 “Skin Deep” season 1Sound Mixer (Reality) Mansfield Media, Travel show

2015 “Storage Wars: Miami” Season 1Sound Supervisor (Reality) Original Productions Miami, Florida

2015 “Togatherness” Season 2 Sound Mixer(Scripted) HBO. Tico Tico productions. New Orleans

2015 “My 600Ib Life” Season 4 Sound Mixer(Reality) TLC. Mansfield Media. Austin, TX

2014 “My 600Ib Life” Season 3 Sound Mixer(Reality) TLC. Mansfield Media. Austin, TX

2014 ” Where are they now” (Reality) TLC. Mansfield Media. Austin, tx
2014 “20/20” Sound Mixer ABC NEWS, Austin, Tx

2014 “The Great Christmas Light Fight” Sound Mixer, ABC REALITY/DOC (TV) — FREMANTLEMEDIA. Texas
2014 “Living the Fantasy” Sound Supervisor – FILM (THEATRICAL) — LPA VIDEO INC. Las Vegas, Nv
2014 “There Goes The Motherhood” (Reality) Sound Mixer Bravo. MAGICAL ELVES INC. Austin, Tx
2014 “Vanna White lion brand yarn” (commercial) Austin, Tx
2014 “confessions of a bartender” Sound Supervisor (scripted) You Tube. Los Angeles, Ca
2014 “Newlyweds” Sound Mixer (Reality) Bravo. San Diego, Ca

2014 “My Five Wifes” Sound Mixer (Reality) TLC. Provo, Utah

2014 “Movable Eats” Sound Mixer (Reality) PBS, New Orleans

2014 “A Haunting” Sound Mixer (Reality) discovery, Mexico
2014 “American Fringe” Sound Mixer (Reality) Natgeo, Alaska

2014 “Saving Alaska” Sound Mixer (Reality) HGTV. Alaska
2014 “Breaking the Ice” Sound Mixer (Reality) TLC, Alaska

2014 “Opposite Worlds” Sound Mixer (Live-Reality) SYFY, Saint Barnard, LA

2014 “Audi self pilot” Sound Mixer(Event) internal, Germany, Las Vegas, NV

2013 “Deadly devotions” Sound Mixer (reality) Discovery, lafuk, TX
2013 “Dead Guy Walking” Sound Supervisor (Reality) Discovery, Kerri, TX
2013 “Grizzly Men” Sound Mixer (Reality) History, Kodiak, AK

2013 ”” Sound Mixer (Doc-Reality) HBO, San Antonio, TX
2013 ” Underground barbecue Challenge” Sound Mixer (Reality) FOOD New Orleans, LA

2013 ” Governers Wife” Sound Mixer (Reality) AMC, Gonzales, LA

2013 “Pigmen” Sound Mixer (Reality) Discovery, Gurney. Waco,TX
2013 “Rattle Snake Republic” Sound Mixer (Reality) Animal Planet, Sharp Entertainment. Austin, tx

2013 “Life Flight” Sound Mixer (Reality) TNT Houston, TX

2013 “Tattoo Rescue” Sound Mixer (Reality) Spike tv Philadelphia, PA

2013 “House Hunters Renovation” Sound Mixer (Reality) pie town, HGTV

2013 “Call Of Duty Championships” Sound Mixer (Live Event) Run Productions, NBC Hollywood, Ca

2013 “Faith, Land and Cattle” Sound Mixer (Reality) Glassman media, Natgeo. Geneva, Al

2013 “Tour Wives” Sound Mixer (Reality) Ping Pong Productions, A&E Dallas, Tx

2013 “Fight Master: Bellator” Sound Mixer (Reality) Profiles TV, Spike TV, New Orleans, LA USA
2013 ” Nola Fire Rescue” Sound MixerReality Bravo, New Orleans

2013 “Money Talks” Sound MixerReality CNNBC Turn Left Productions Las Vegas, Nv/ New Orleans, LA

2012 “Duck Dynasty” , Sound Mixer. (Reality)Gurrney Productions, A&E Monroe, LA
2012 “Japan Today” Muse of Fire, Sound Mixer. (DOC) PBS Kumamoto, JP

2012 “SlyFox” Freemantle, Sound Mixer. (Reality) ION, New Orleans, LA

2012 “Alpha Dogs” Schweet Entertainment, Sound Supervisor, Natgeo (Reality) Netgeo, Peru, IN

2012 “Prom” , Sound Mixer, (Reality) Longview, TX

2012 “Braxton Family Values” Sound Mixer (Reality) A&E New Orleans, LA

2012 “Bayou Beauty Queens” Sound Mixer, (Reality) AMC, Valle Platt, LA

2012 “House Hunters” HDWorldWide, Sound Mixer, (Reality) HGTV, Ann Arbor, MI

2012 “House Hunters” HD WorldWide, Sound Mixer, (Reality) HGTV, Chicago IL

2012 “Secretly Pregnant” Gigantic Productions, Sound Mixer, (Reality) TLC, Baton Rouge

2012 “House Hunters” Pie Town, Sound Mixer, (Reality) HGTV, Dallas, TX

2012 “American Chimp” Artifact LA Productions, Sound Mixer,(Doc) PBS. Shreveport, LA

2012 “Eden Eats” Noise Productions, Sound Mixer, (Reality)Food Network. San Diego, CA

2012 “House Hunters” -HD Worldwide/Pie Town, Sound Mixer,(Reality) HGTV. Eureka, CA

2012 “Life Traders” – Stone Circle Films, Sound Mixer,(Reality) Travel Channel. New Orleans, LA

2012 “Tattoo School” – World Of Wonder Productions, Sound Mixer, A2 (Reality) TLC. Shreveport, LA

2012 “Puma Motorports Awards” New World Productions, Sound Mixer. Las Vegas, NV

2012 “House Hunters” – Pie Town Productions, Sound Mixer, (Reality) HGTV, Las Vegas,NV

2012 “I Used To Be Fat” – MTV Show – Sound Mixer,(Reality) MTV Dallas, TX

2012 “The Kinect Show – Microsoft – RUN Productions, Sound Mixer ~Las Vegas, NV

2011 “Vegas on Tap” – Sound Mixer/Sound Supervisor (Full Series)~ Las Vegas, NV

2011 “Search and Seize” – NatGeo: Natgeo/ Sound Mixer (Full Series) ~ New York, New York

2011 “Tough Jobs” – Reality Show Pilot, Discovery / Sound Mixer ~ Alaska, Japan

2011 “The Goldfathers”- Reality Show, NatGeo: Prospector Productions (Full Series ) Sound Mixer ~ Fairbanks, AK

2011 “Frank Batten” – Documentary, Weather Channel: Rancho Productions / Sound Mixer ~ Virginia Beach, VA

2011 “Surfs Up” – Reality Show. Bravo (Surfs UP Productions) Full Series / Sound Mixer ~ Santa Barbara, CA

2011 “Greenlight Project” – Reality competition series- Greenlight Productions(Full Series) Sound Mixer ~Sherman Oaks, CA

2011 “Cosmopolitan Hotel Promotions”– ”Magical Elves Inc. / A2 Commercial/Webisode Katalyst Productions/A2 Las Vegas , NV

2011 “American Italian Club”– Reality TV Pilot Muse of Fire Productions / Sound Mixer ~ Las Vegas, NV

2011 “The Streets Red Bull”– EuroVision Productions LLC / Sound Mixer ~ Los Feliz, CA

2010 “American Italian Club”, Reality television Pilot Muse of Fire Productions / Audio Supervisor ~ Las Vegas, NV

2010 “Smash Burger – / Sound Mixer ~ San Diego, CA

2010 “Point Roberts” SERIES – Netgeo Explore / Sound Mixer ~ Point Roberts, WA

2010 “Ambulance Chasers” – Sitcom Pilot, BailN Productions / Sound Mixer ~ Multi City

2010 “LvComediE” – Reality Pilot, Bravo MOF Productions / Sound Mixer ~ Las Vegas, NV

2010 “Miss America Pageant.” – Pageant, ABC Film Group / Sound Mixer ~ Las Vegas, NV

2010 “” – Commercial, Bravo / E! iSickle Media / Sound Mixer ~ New Orleans,LA

2010 “Cock’d Guns” – Reality television series, Pilot Series Tricon Films / Sound Mixer Victoria Island, BA

2010 “TOP CHEF: JUST DESSERTS” – Reality competition series, BravoMagical Elves Inc. / Sound Mixer and A2 (Full Series) LA, CA

2010 “Ritz Crackers” Commercial / Ritz Pro Productions/ Sound Mixer Thousand Oaks, CA
2014 Sound Mixer – “Abductee”


2013 “Stranger at the Pentagon” (Sound Mixer)

2013 “Return To Zero” (Sound Mixer) Los Angels

2013 “Lost Time” (Sound Mixer)
2012 “The Rift” -Feature Film- (Sound Mixer) Sweden
2012 ” A Man with no Emotion” -Feature Film- (Sound Mixer) Chris Berrett Productions, Shreveport, LA
2011 “A Moment’s Gift” -Feature Film- (Sound Mixer) Bui Media Group New York, New York
2011 “BeGotten” -Feature Film- (Sound Mixer) Essien Productions, New York, New York
2011 “Red Moon” -Feature Film- (Sound Mixer) Radgrigus Productions, Las Vegas, NV
2011 “The Interview” Narrative feature, (Sound Mixer) Fullerton, CA
2011 ”Big Jay” – Documentary , “Big Jay” Okapi Productions /Sound Mixer
2011 “Cookie Monster” -Short FIlm- (Sound Mixer) A Ryu Productions, Hollywood, CA
2011 “The Darkness comes from behind” -Short Film- (Sound Mixer) AFI Films Hollywood, CA
2011 “Towing” -Short- (Sound Mixer)AFI Films DWW Los Feliz, CA
2011 “Halloween Project”- Feature Film -(Sound Mixer)Patriot Productions, Hollywood, CA
2011 “9-BALL”l- Feature Film -(Sound Mixer) 9-Ball Productions, Las Vegas, NVMaramax Film/ Sound Mixer (Red, Phantom)
2011 “JOHN DIES AT THE END” – Don Coscarelli Productions, Los Angeles, CASound Mixer (35mm)
2011 “DEAD MANS HAND” – Narrative short, Los Angeles, CAAFI Film / Sound Mixer (16mm camera)
2011 “THE CLOTH” – Narrative feature, Los Angeles, CABesada Films / Sound Mixer
2010 “Exit Thru the Gift Shop” (Sound Mixer)

2010 “Just Like The Movies” – Narrative feature, Los Angeles, CABuck Films/ Sound Mixer
2010 “The Dowser” – Narrative short, Los Angeles, CASwanson Productions / Sound Mixer (Worked w/ RED camera)

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