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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the interest in this amazing project.I was very fortunate to be asked to record this movie
as Tom Hoopers vision from the very beginning was a live musical,using the on set vocals as masters for the film
and a very serious attempt not to replace any live vocals with ADR,as he feels the original
performances hold a truth and energy that can be lost during a re-record.

From the outset the whole movie was planned to avoid re-records and ADR,from set design to special FX.
The Production Sound/Post Production Sound and Music depts were all one team who collaborated from the beginning to help Tom achieve his vision.

We had many tricks up our sleeve to achieve the highest quality singing possible on a movie set including
3 Boom Operators on main unit at all times who were part of a 7 man Production Sound Team.

What I can tell you is that there is zero ADR in the ‘Extended Trailer’
being spoken about on this thread and if we are to look at just one difficult sequence
shown,which is Samantha Barks singing in the rain I can tell you how we achieved what you hear.
Every roof top and every piece of floor not in shot was covered with rubberised horse hair to deaden the rain hitting it.
Camera was covered with a ‘horse hair roof’ attached over the top of it to stop the noise of the droplets hitting the polythene bag keeping it dry.
The camera dept were wearing ponchos made from black ‘bolton’ fabric over their wet weather gear to ‘soak up’ the sound of the water hitting them.Samantha Barks was wearing 2 radio mics,and they were changed on every take for fresh dry ones to eliminate possible moisture affecting the lavaliers.
The Special FX team made sure that the actual droplets falling around the camera were adjusted into a fine spray to reduce impact noise.

Every scene was approached with this level of attention to detail and when a Sound Dept has the director and the actors working with them and backing them  up to try and achieve something extraordinary a lot can be achieved.

I really hope all the members here thoroughly enjoy the movie!

Regards to All

Simon Hayes
Production Sound Mixer
Les Miserables

Source: Les Miserables, live singing….

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